Opening Twitter, somewhat impulsively

Yesterday I opened a Twitter account, which seems to be one of the latest hip things to do on the Internet these days. I was on a whimsical mood and figured that I might use it one way or another even if I don’t use it enthusiastically right now. So far I don’t see myself neither willing nor able to use it to broadcast everything I do every hour of the day, since, well, no cellular phone in Korea would support posting things on Twitter on-the-go. Taking time on a desktop posting trivial things that you do through would feel quite cumbersome.

I might instead use it as some assortment of useful links, though is generally considered to be a better tool at keeping bookmarks. Alas, who always uses a tool only in its originally intended uses anyway? Or perhaps I need some dose of ambient awareness after all.

So far my Twitter page only lists one Tweet, on the last post I have written on a Konami videogame. I may write up some other things in time, but as much as I like trying out new tools and toys on the Internet, continuing to use them for a long time has never been my habit.


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