Soon PCs would mean notebooks

MG Siegler from VentureBeat recently reported that notebook sales comprises of more than 70% of all Mac sales, that is, Apple’s computer sales. It seems less surprising since I remember Brian White’s article on BloggingStocks last month that in the overall PC market, notebooks outsold desktops in 2008.

Thinking of my first encounter with a PC, which I vaguely remember as an Intel 286AT machine, PCs would refer to the big, bulky, beige-colored boxes with huge cathode-ray tube monitors on top, which we routinely call desktops. Notebooks were around too, but those cost at least two or three times more expensive than their non-portable counterparts, at the additional expense of lowered performance. Without the Internet, let alone network connections like Wi-Fi or WiMax, notebooks were just movable word processor/spreadsheet machines at best and therefore for successful businesspeople who required those computing tasks on-the-go. Why would most people need a notebook anyway, if it were so expensive and of no use to an average person?

Things are quite different these days. While desktops still are more affordable than notebooks in terms of performance, most things that people do, such as web surfing, email, simple word processing and others, do not really require a load of horsepower. More importantly, availability of Internet connection in various places like school libraries, coffee shops and airports makes notebooks ideal for use both in your home/office and those locations outside. Just as computing and Internet are commonplace now, the needs for handy, versatile computers are prevalent.

So far, desktop PCs are still around and likely to remain a significant portion of the PC market, because there are some intensive tasks that depend on more robust performance of desktops, including high-end PC games, graphics software, and audio and video editing programs. It may be conceived, however, the representational image of PCs would, in time, shift from a box-sized computer accompanied by a monitor to a foldable and carry-able stack of computer. Soon, PCs would mean notebooks.


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