Your strength lies elsewhere

Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz, in a recent interview held during Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital conference, defined her portal as “the place that everyone comes to every day.” It appears a bold statement on a company that has been in the downhill since Google’s leap into the Internet years ago. Yet, it encapsulates […]

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Eucalyptus ostracized and re-welcomed

Some time last week, the iPhone app world has plunged into turmoil when James Montgomerie, the developer of Eucalyptus, an electronic book reader software for Apple’s iPhone/iPod Touch, expressed discontent on his blog, over Apple’s decision to block his software from its App Store. After the initial rejection of Eucalyptus, Montgomerie filed a complaint to […]

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I am a blogger living in Korea who is interested in the development of information technologies. Here I share my personal thoughts on the Internet and whatever constitutes the rest of the world. Since I am not a trained engineer nor a reporter who delve into such matters, my views are often limited as compared to other, more professional blogs out there. Just read it at your leisure if you feel like it, and leave if you don’t.

Most of the posts are just slightly edited versions of emails and memos I send to my friends. They are just bits and pieces may be put together for something better, but I prefer to let them be, just as mere thoughts.